Reduce the Pain of your HS Flares

HidraWear is the world’s first and only Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) specific wound dressing system, for use by people with flares in the armpit, buttocks & groin. HidraWear is the perfect self-care solution for managing HS flares.

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Our Patented System for Managing Painful HS flares

Discreet, breathable under layer


Patented dressing and external fastener combination


Locked in protection from drainage

Made specifically for managing Hidradentis Suppurativa flares, HidraWear removes the need for the dressings to be adhesively attached to the skin with tape while still holding the dressing in position.

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Regular adhesive dressings can cause irritation and skin damage

Awkward & Restrictive

Non-adhesive options like bandages and nets can be bulky & indiscreet, and sometimes you can’t wear your favourite clothes

Skin Damage

Using a regular adhesive dressing can cause pain, irritation and skin damage, especially when you’re changing them a lot

Time Consuming

Changing dressing can take a lot of time, including applying and reapplying  fiddly tape.

Can Fail Easily

Homemade dressings often leaks or fall off, with knock on embarrassment of stains on clothes and bed-sheets.

HidraWear's quick tape free dressing change

Put on your discreet, breathable HidraWear underlayer

Insert the HidraWear Dressing, placing over the flare area

Lock the HidraWear Dressing in place with our Patented Fastening Tab

Clinically proven to reduce pain, improve quality of life and save time


of people experienced an improvement in quality of life*
* based on the DLQI scoring system in a 2020 Clinical Study


found quicker and easier to use than than traditional dressings


of people found HidraWear reduced or removed dressing related pain (one patient did not experience pain)


of people felt more confident in HidraWear’s ability to reduce leaks

CE GAX 001

Results based on a 21 day clinical study

Read Study Here

Self-pay or Insurance- you decide!

As well as our self-pay shop, HidraWear is now also widely available through a broad range of Insurance providers including Medicare and Medicaid. It can be prescribed by your provider, billed directly to your insurer and delivered right to your door.

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Our Products

Discreet underlayer can be worn throughout the day and overnight.

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Our Products

Discreet underlayer can be worn throughout the day and overnight.

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Life changing improvements to peoples lives

“HidraWear has enabled my skin to completely calm down and to heal more than it has in years.”

Aime CIreland

"The difference was immediate and immense. I found my wound healed faster with having fresh air flow to it, I no longer had rashes, blood blisters and swelling from the adhesive of the dressings I had been using. Nor did I have the added pain of pulling the dressings off already hurting skin.”


“This product is beyond amazing especially for when I’m going out somewhere.”


“The whole product is easy to use and I cannot stress how comfortable the dressing was.”

Chris WUSA

The Benefits of HidraWear

HidraWear use leads to a demonstrated improvement in user quality of life, provides user confidence in the ability of the dressing to stay in place and not leak versus traditional wound dressing products and techniques and empowers HS patients to self-manage their wound care.

Skin friendly

Adhesive free

Easy to use

Highly absorbent

Flexible movement


Conventional dressings are made for convex or flat surfaces.  HS wounds are mostly in concave surfaces, meaning dressings require adhesive tape plus time to apply and change. HidraWears patented dressing and external fastener combination is designed to be easy to put in place and stay in place.

Meet the Founder

“It is really important to me and the HidraMed Solutions team to make sure we are doing our part to raise awareness of Hidradenitis Suppurativa. More awareness will mean faster diagnoses and fast diagnosis is key to being able to manage the condition.”

Suzanne Moloney
CEO & Founder of HidraMed Solutions, HS Patient and Advocate

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