HidraWear is now available through Insurance

  • Prescribed by your provider
  • Billed directly to your insurer
  • Delivered to your door
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Simple steps to getting prescribed

Make an appointment with your healthcare provider

Bring the prescribers form to your appointment

Clearly explain your health condition to your provider

Your provider completes the required prescription docs

Sit back and wait for your product to be delivered to your door

Tape free secure lock system
Remove the risk of skin damage due to tape

Clinically proven results
Improves Quality of Life and reduces dressing related pain

30 second dressing change
Change your dressing yourself in as little as 30 seconds

Quick, pain free dressing changes

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Quick, pain free dressing changes

Tape free secure lock system
Remove the risk of skin damage due to tape

Clinically proven results
Improves Quality of Life and reduces dressing related pain

30 second dressing change
Change your dressing yourself in as little as 30 seconds

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Change your dressing, change your life

This is awesome, I wish I had know about it years ago. I am allergic to the medical tape and this has saved me from so much additional pain. I love it as I just had another surgery today and came home and put the top on. I give it a 100 star review!!

Comfortable to wear.my skin gets really sore and irritated using regular dressings and tape so this makes life easier. Also it helps to lock in the dampness and smell you get when using regular dressings.

Susanne and the team have been the answer to my prayers! Suffered 25 years and little magic box has changed my life, pants are amazing just what I have been searching for. Thanks Hidrawear for giving me back my life xx

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Our step by step guide will tell you everything you need to know to access HidraWear through insurance including:

  • Discussion guide
  • What documentation you need to bring
  • Support helpline for if you need it

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Hidradenitis Suppurativa Discussion Guide

HS can be tough to talk about with a healthcare professional, whether discussing symptoms or describing the day-to-day impact. Preparing what you will talk about definitely helps.

We have prepared a structured discussion starter you can fill out and bring with you to your appointmentEven if you don't have an appointment yet , it can be a great way of detailing how HS is impacting your life.


Telehealth and HS

HS flareups are unpredictable and often don’t align with your in-person medical appointments.  Tono Health is the first Digital health clinic connecting patients with HS experts. You can schedule an appointment within 72 hours from your home and the great news is that they integrate advanced wound-care treatments like HidraWear into their treatment!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What co-pay will I have to pay

The Co-Pay will be dependent on your individual insurance plan.  You can find out what yours will be by contacting your individual insurer.

What are my entitlements

You are entitled to 30 dressings per wound per month from initial prescription and for any repeat prescriptions.  In addition you are entitled to one free garment per affected body part with your initial prescription.  Additional garments can be purchased as required through our website.

Is HidraWear available on Medicare and Medicaid

In most instances HidraWear is available across the US through Medicare and Medicaid.  For specific questions for your region we would encourage you to reach out to the relevant authority.

Can I get a copy of the prescribers pack on the website

Of course!- you can view on an online version of our prescribers pack here.  Bookmark or download so you have ready for your next appointment

Can any HealthCare Practitioner prescribe HidraWear

HidraWear can be prescribed by an Health Care Professional (including Dermatologist, Woundcare Nurse or Primary Care Practitioner) as long as your policy covers woundcare and you have a qualifying wound.  Given the specialist nature of HS wounds, we would recommend having a woundcare specialist as part of your healthcare team so you are kept informed of leading edge woundcare solutions.

What is Tono Health

Tono Health is the first Digital Health provider connecting HS specialist dermatologists with HS patients. They integrate advanced woundcare solutions such as HidraWear into their treatment plans.  They can complement the care of an existing in-person doctor

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