HidraWear Briefs for Men

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HidraWear Briefs for Men- light, breathable and body conforming baselayer for maximum comfort and discreet security.

  • Ideal for wounds in the buttocks and groin
  • Available in a broad range of sizes to conform to the body like a second skin
  • SecureLock™ technology offers triple protection against leakage, skin damage and dressing related pain
  • For use with HidraWear super absorbent dressings as a wearable dressing retention system

HidraWear Promise: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

HidraWear sizes smaller than regular clothing/ Use our Sizing Tool below to get your perfect size!



Top Tip on Sizing

Our baselayers are super stretchy and need to fit snugly to hold dressings in place: As a rule of thumb you should always size down relative to your normal clothing size.  Our comparison table below gives you guidance on HidraWear vs clothing size.

Measuring for your True size

Key Measurements: Hip (widest part) and Upper Thigh (3" below buttocks)

Size Calculator Tool

Recommended Size: -

Need more help?

Watch our sizing video for step by step instructions

Prefer to use our sizing table?  Click here

Delivery Information

  • Free US Shipping on orders over $60
  • Orders take between 2-5 business days for processing and delivery.
  • Our Shipping Policy can be read here.
  • Contact our Customer Care team at info@hidrawear.com

Product Information

  • SeamSense- outward facing seams provide smooth and frictionless movement
  • Reusable- can be washed daily
  • Micro Modal and Elastane Fabric- high wicking , stretchable and breathable
  • Latex-free, Silicone and Adhesive Free

3 simple steps to use

Step 1

Put on the HidraWear briefs and ensure they fit correctly.

Step 2

Insert the HidraWear Dressing Place over the wound area

Step 3

Secure the HidraWear Dressing in place with the External Fastening Tab

Change your dressing, change your life

Our wearable woundcare system offers triple protection against leakage, skin damage and dressing related pain:

  • Conforms and moves with the body for 24 hour security against exudate leakage
  • HidraWear dressings stay in place discreetly without adhesive, tape or bandages.
  • Allows for pain-free dressing change in under 30 second

Save Money with our Starter Packs

Find out more about our HidraWear garments and wound dressing system packs

2 reviews for HidraWear Briefs for Men

  1. Richard Noble

    Received my HydraWear a week ago by prescription from my docs. Went out tonight for first time in months for meal with wife. Wore the men’s boxers (briefs) with 2 dressings fitted and the top with dressings under each armpit. Was wonderful and made my night.

  2. Shane

    While not only being extremely comfortable, the practical use for someone who suffers from HS cannot be underestimated. A real game changer.

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