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by Donna on HidraWear
Comfortable and easy

Comfortable to skin gets really sore and irritated using regular dressings and tape so this makes life easier. Also it helps to lock in the dampness and smell you get when using regular dressings.

by Marquita P. on HidraWear
This is it!!!

It came as quickly as I had filled out the information to try this product. When I recieved it yesterday 4/21/20. I was excited to burst open the package, a letter from the CEO was enclosed, many pamphlets on how to put the garment on, the garment and the dressings. I recorded myself explaining how to put it on, how it felt and feels, i'm just greatful for this product it's been a long time coming. I hope that she makes other under garments as well. I even slept in it overnight with no problems!!! This is it!!!!

by Chris WhinCup on HidraWear
I got my dignity back

I’m a sufferer of HS for over 30+ years and the Hidrawear was a revelation to me. The whole product is easy to use and I cannot stress how comfortable the dressing was. I usually have to ask my daughter to change my dressing, which is embarrassing to ask, but with Hidrawear I could do it myself. I would recommend anyone with armpit HS to buy and try this product, it gave me comfort and my dignity back.

by Brindley Kons Brooks on HidraWear

Man, I wish I had this when I had my bilateral armpit wide excisions! This would have made my recovery so much better! I had a great recovery, but this would have helped immensely with the bandage changes, dressings, tape that would irritate my skin, keeping bandages in place during the night and just overall comfort! I would have LOVED to have this to sleep in as well since that is when my bandages would do most of their "breaking free". Kudos to you, Suzanne, for developing such a great product! I look forward to more of your line and hope this helps so many people as you set out to do! I would recommend this to ANYONE who has HS in their armpits or who is having wide excision surgery in their armpits!!

by Johnny Karnier on HidraWear

Een comfortabele oplossing voor de oksels

Translation: A comfortable solution for the armpits

by Laura McCauley on HidraWear
Amazing product

Amazing product. Very comfortable to wear, I always forget that I have it on! it gives me great freedom, movement, and relief from the pain of adhesive dressings on my skin. I also find I heal a lot quicker because it's much more breathable than regular dressings.

by Jackie S on HidraWear
I love my Hidrawear!!!

This garment is beyond helpful for my quality of life. It’s so comfortable and fits nicely under clothing keeping me dry, my clothing clean, and no friction pain. Thank you for the well thought out details. I love my Hidrawear!!!

by Sue on HidraWear
No itchy armpits!

Once I watched the Instructional YouTube video's I found HidraWear really easy to use. It's more comfortable than I had originally expected. I didn't get any itchy armpits from dressing which is brilliant. The strap across the chest took a little while to get used too but after wearing it for the day I didn't even notice it. And you always have the option of removing it too.

by Denise Fixen on HidraWear
Amazing product

Hidrawear AX. Very breathable. Very comfortable. Amazing product! And the dressings are remarkable. Very absorbent! ❤️ Very happy. Highly recommended.

by Michaela Parnell on HidraWear
Absolutely brilliant product

I would highly recommend the women’s HidraWear AX garment. I recently had incision and drainage with packing under general anaesthetic in my left armpit. The district nurses gave me permission to try the HidraWear AX garment and dressings once it was at a stage that didn’t need packing. They tried a mesh then used the HidraWear AX garment and dressing. The mesh and dressing stayed in place ????

I was so happy as the dressings the district nurses were using were making my armpit very sore and kept coming off. Had to keep applying surgical tape or large plasters on the dressing to try to secure it again. Also due to the hair growth in my armpit, there was an issue with hair being ripped out when they pulled the dressings off. The sticky adhesive of the dressing caused another flare-up and some other follicles to become blocked and inflamed. The district nurses tried various dressing but they were still aggravating my skin.

The HidraWear AX garment is comfortable and the dressings have stayed in place. Was a little tricky at first getting used to attaching them but practice makes perfect. Is comfortable to sleep in. Showed it to the district nurses and they were highly impressed. Gave them some leaflets about HidraWear.

Experimented with the HidraWear dressing by slowly pouring water onto it to see how absorbent it is and I’m honestly very impressed. Great for draining flares and awesome as the dressing stays in place, plus the garment also helps protect clothing.

Can’t wait for the HidraWear products in the future for the groin, thigh and bottom area’s. I have also used the HidraWear dressings on a draining flare on my lower abdomen by using safety pins to attach it to waist high knickers instead of a stick-on dressing. It was great as I didn’t have to worry about any sticky dressing adhesive making my skin sore or aggravating more flares.

Absolutely brilliant product. Five stars from me ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

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