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HidraWear Crop Top for women- light, breathable and body conforming baselayer designed for maximum comfort and discreet security.

  • Ideal for wounds in the armpit
  • Front closing making it easy to get on and off.
  • SecureLock™ technology offers triple protection against leakage, skin damage and dressing related pain.
  • For use with HidraWear super absorbent dressings as a wearable dressing retention system.

HidraWear Promise: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

HidraWear sizes smaller than regular clothing/ Use our Sizing Tool below to get your perfect size!


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Top Tip on Sizing

Our baselayers are super stretchy and need to fit snugly to hold dressings in place: As a rule of thumb you should always size down relative to your normal clothing size.  Our comparison table below gives you guidance on HidraWear vs clothing size.

Measuring for your True size

Key Measurements: Underbust and Upper Arm

Size Calculator Tool

Recommended Size: -

Need more help?

Watch our sizing video for step by step instructions

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  • Orders take between 2-5 business days for processing and delivery.
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Product Information

  • SeamSense- outward facing seams provide smooth and frictionless movement
  • Reusable- can be washed daily
  • Micro Modal and Elastane Fabric- high wicking , stretchable and breathable
  • Latex-free, Silicone and Adhesive Free

3 simple steps to use

Step 1

Put on the HidraWear Garment Adjust the straps for comfort

Step 2

Insert the HidraWear Dressing Place over the wound area

Step 3

Secure the HidraWear Dressing in place with the External Fastening Tab

Change your dressing, change your life

Our wearable woundcare system offers triple protection against leakage, skin damage and dressing related pain:

  • Conforms and moves with the body for 24 hour security against exudate leakage
  • HidraWear dressings stay in place discreetly without adhesive, tape or bandages.
  • Allows for Pain-free dressing change in under 30 second

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25 reviews for HidraWear Crop Top

  1. Kyra

    This is awesome, I wish I had know about it years ago. I am allergic to the medical tape and this has saved me from so much additional pain. I love it as I just had another surgery today and came home and put the top on. I give it a 100 star review!!

  2. Angie

    This product is more than brilliant! After suffering with HS for 22 years I finally found something which works in terms of dressing these horrible underarm flare ups perfectly. It’s so comfortable, the dressings stay in place, I can move around freely, and I feel so much better. Plus it’s a fantastic company to deal with, absolutely amazing customer service! Thank you so much, Hidrawear.

  3. Amy

    The crop top is worth getting It saves my skin from tape blisters. Recommend this product to anyone that has armpit HS. It also has prevented the spread of another outbreak by denying skin to skin contact. Glad I tried this product I have 3 crop tops and love the product!

  4. Tiana Mcknight

    Moving forward after Deroofing surgery, Hidrawear has given me a sense of comfort, security, and ease of anxiety. I’m in love with this product and impressed with how well designed this is for people with HS!! I am so happy that I have the option to not put skin tearing medical tape on myself daily! Thank you & I am glad I invested.

  5. Leah Russell

    I was so excited to find this and desperate to try it, but you don’t ship to Canada. Please start shipping to Canada.

  6. ElVesta

    I love, love, love the ease of putting the garment on, the comfort – like not wearing anything, the peace of mind knowing the pads are free of chemicals, the assurance that I will not have leakage and the garment is quickly washed and dried. It absolutely meets my need which is entirely different than your company’s intended design. I am dealing with drainage from a lumpectomy due to surgery for triple-negative breast cancer. I do not have HS.

    I am saving the folders to take to my doctor’s offices to share with them. I have seen a couple of them since learning about the product. One a dermatologist and one an OB/GYN, knew immediately when I said HS what I was talking about and were interested in knowing more. I will be speaking to my oncologist in a few weeks and will take one to that visit. I’m sure that I am not the only one that can benefit from your design. I’m so glad I found you!

  7. Selina F

    I’ve had Hidradenitis since I was in high school and I get really bad flares under my armpits. Hidrawear has completely changed the way I live with my HS and I am so grateful it’s around. The garment and prepackaged pads has made dressing my wounds so easy and quick. The absolute best part is that it has completely eliminated my need for medical tape! Using medical tape used to be a nightmare and I would get such bad reactions to it, regardless of whether it was paper or plastic. The tape would tear apart my skin, but now I never need it and I am so grateful. The garment and pads are also great and acts as a cushion for my flares. I also tend to use a lot of ointment under my armpits and it used to get all gross and gloopy on my clothes. With Hidrawear, that is never an issue since it acts as a safe barrier between my flare and clothing. You also can’t even tell that I have it on. I really love it so much. It has changed my HS forever!

  8. Hannah Smith

    I have known about hidrawear for a while but I was a little reluctant to pay for some form of dressings when i have my usual ones on prescription. I now fully acknowledge that that was a ridiculous idea. I noticed the difference in my skin after using hidrawear for only 2 days! It is unbelieveable how much more comfortable this hidrawear makes you. My skin was constantly red and sore from dressing adhesive and it was always wet underneath the dressings as they werent absorbant enough. After 48 hours the redness and soreness had completely gone and my armpits are never left feeling wet anymore as the dressings with the hidrawear are so absorbant. They are also very good for managing the odour, since using hidrawear (currently 4 days) my armpits do not smell of wounds anymore, i have more freedom of movement and im not constantly worrying if my dressings have leaked or come off. The idea of this hidrawear is absolutely brilliant and you can tell its been designed by someone who has HS themselves. The hidrawear is also comfortable to wear, it doesnt feel like youve got extra clothing on, id even go as far to say i feel nicer in it! My partner thinks it looks sexy on, so not only does it help your health it improves your confidence and self-image. I can not stress enough how brilliant this product is and shame on me for not wanting to spend money on it in the past. Once you try the hidrawear youll wonder how you ever lived without it! Thank you to everyone who has helped in designed this.

  9. Amy C

    The hidrawear garment is soft, supportive and versatile. I found that it helps me mentally as well as physically . The Garment covers the areas under my arms where I have scars and open wounds and the dressings are great for absorbing a constant draining area. There is no adhesive and the way they attach to the garment is great. The dressings cover a large surface area and the whole dressing is absorbent not just the middle like most other dressings. They absorb everything and nothing is left sitting on the surface so your skin is dry as soon as a flare drains. Very happy with this product and can not wait for future hidrawear products! Their webpage and blog is also a great support along side their customer support. Very impressed.

  10. Donna

    Comfortable to wear.my skin gets really sore and irritated using regular dressings and tape so this makes life easier. Also it helps to lock in the dampness and smell you get when using regular dressings.

  11. Marquita P.

    It came as quickly as I had filled out the information to try this product. When I recieved it yesterday 4/21/20. I was excited to burst open the package, a letter from the CEO was enclosed, many pamphlets on how to put the garment on, the garment and the dressings. I recorded myself explaining how to put it on, how it felt and feels, i’m just greatful for this product it’s been a long time coming. I hope that she makes other under garments as well. I even slept in it overnight with no problems!!! This is it!!!!

  12. Chris WhinCup

    I’m a sufferer of HS for over 30+ years and the Hidrawear was a revelation to me. The whole product is easy to use and I cannot stress how comfortable the dressing was. I usually have to ask my daughter to change my dressing, which is embarrassing to ask, but with Hidrawear I could do it myself. I would recommend anyone with armpit HS to buy and try this product, it gave me comfort and my dignity back.

  13. Brindley Kons Brooks

    Man, I wish I had this when I had my bilateral armpit wide excisions! This would have made my recovery so much better! I had a great recovery, but this would have helped immensely with the bandage changes, dressings, tape that would irritate my skin, keeping bandages in place during the night and just overall comfort! I would have LOVED to have this to sleep in as well since that is when my bandages would do most of their “breaking free”. Kudos to you, Suzanne, for developing such a great product! I look forward to more of your line and hope this helps so many people as you set out to do! I would recommend this to ANYONE who has HS in their armpits or who is having wide excision surgery in their armpits!!

  14. No itchy armpits!

    Once I watched the Instructional YouTube video’s I found HidraWear really easy to use. It’s more comfortable than I had originally expected. I didn’t get any itchy armpits from dressing which is brilliant. The strap across the chest took a little while to get used too but after wearing it for the day I didn’t even notice it. And you always have the option of removing it too.

  15. I love my Hidrawear!!!

    This garment is beyond helpful for my quality of life. It’s so comfortable and fits nicely under clothing keeping me dry, my clothing clean, and no friction pain. Thank you for the well thought out details. I love my Hidrawear!!!

  16. Amazing product

    Amazing product. Very comfortable to wear, I always forget that I have it on! it gives me great freedom, movement, and relief from the pain of adhesive dressings on my skin. I also find I heal a lot quicker because it’s much more breathable than regular dressings.

  17. Comfortabele

    Een comfortabele oplossing voor de oksels

    Translation: A comfortable solution for the armpits

  18. Amazing product

    Hidrawear AX. Very breathable. Very comfortable. Amazing product! And the dressings are remarkable. Very absorbent! ❤️ Very happy. Highly recommended.

  19. Absolutely brilliant product

    I would highly recommend the women’s HidraWear AX garment. I recently had incision and drainage with packing under general anaesthetic in my left armpit. The district nurses gave me permission to try the HidraWear AX garment and dressings once it was at a stage that didn’t need packing. They tried a mesh then used the HidraWear AX garment and dressing. The mesh and dressing stayed in place ????

    I was so happy as the dressings the district nurses were using were making my armpit very sore and kept coming off. Had to keep applying surgical tape or large plasters on the dressing to try to secure it again. Also due to the hair growth in my armpit, there was an issue with hair being ripped out when they pulled the dressings off. The sticky adhesive of the dressing caused another flare-up and some other follicles to become blocked and inflamed. The district nurses tried various dressing but they were still aggravating my skin.

    The HidraWear AX garment is comfortable and the dressings have stayed in place. Was a little tricky at first getting used to attaching them but practice makes perfect. Is comfortable to sleep in. Showed it to the district nurses and they were highly impressed. Gave them some leaflets about HidraWear.

    Experimented with the HidraWear dressing by slowly pouring water onto it to see how absorbent it is and I’m honestly very impressed. Great for draining flares and awesome as the dressing stays in place, plus the garment also helps protect clothing.

    Can’t wait for the HidraWear products in the future for the groin, thigh and bottom area’s. I have also used the HidraWear dressings on a draining flare on my lower abdomen by using safety pins to attach it to waist high knickers instead of a stick-on dressing. It was great as I didn’t have to worry about any sticky dressing adhesive making my skin sore or aggravating more flares.

    Absolutely brilliant product. Five stars from me ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

  20. Brilliant

    The garment improved my life!

  21. Comfortable and secure

    HidraWear is very comfortable. I’m almost looking forward to my next flare-up! Everything stayed in place.

  22. Fast and easy

    Very easy to use.

  23. Ingenious

    Well, what can I say about this product! First of all, wow, what an amazing idea! I really think HidraWear will be life-changing for so many people who suffer from this awful illness. The quality is amazing. It is so soft and gentle on the skin, which is so important with this condition. It fits really well and is true to size. The technology for holding wound pads in place is ingenious. I’ve found that aspect of the illness particularly frustrating, how to keep dressings on an area which moves. HidraWear actually addresses that issue. I honestly cannot sing your praises highly enough.

  24. It has been a godsend

    I would just like to say thank you. HidraWear is amazing. I wish I had this years ago. It’s comfortable to wear and easy to redress area of the flare-up. It has helped me to move more freely and comfortably while working and in daily life at home. It has been a godsend. I will recommend this to anyone who is, unfortunately, suffering from HS. The pads are completely comfortable and work well. Much better than adhesive pads as they cause no pain or irritation when removing, which I feel is helping heal quicker than normal.

  25. Great & comfortable

    HidraWear is great and comfortable. It felt snug and secure. I loved how I had the option to take off the top strap if I was wearing a lower top. It is very discreet. When I wore it, no one made any comments towards seeing it or asked me questions – that was one thing I was worried about. I believe HidraWear will benefit a lot of people. You feel better in yourself going out when you know your dressings are secure.

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