HidraWear Large Dressings – 30 pack


HidraWear Superabsorbent Dressings stay in place without adhesive, tape or bandages

  • Large size 5½” x 7½” – perfect for larger wounds or groups of wounds
  • Rapidly absorbs and locks away exudate, bacteria and odor and remains dry to touch.
  • Each HidraWear wound dressing comes with a patented fastener, ensuring adhesive free wound dressing retention
  • For use with HidraWear baselayers as a wearable dressing retention system.

SecureLock™ technology offers triple protection against leakage, skin damage and dressing related pain:

– Conforms and moves with the body for 24 hour security against exudate leakage
– HidraWear dressings stay in place discreetly without adhesive, tape or bandages.
– Allows for pain-free dressing change in under 30 second



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    Product Information

    • Highly Absorbent- Locks exudate and potentially harmful bacteria and MMP’s away from the wound so the dressing remains dry to the touch
    • Custom Crimp lines- Conforms and moves with the body
    • Fluid repellent layer- prevents clothes and linen from exudate external leakage whilst also protecting wound
    • Silk soft and skin kind- high wicking to manage large and sudden volumes of exudate
    • Large 5.5" x 7.5" size to cater for larger wounds

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    Pack Size

    60 Pack, 120 Pack, 240 Pack

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