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If you haven’t already heard about Jackson Gillies, you are in for a treat! And if you have, well make sure to check out his new music on Spotify. Jackson sings from the heart, and what a big heart he has.

Jackson has endured chronic illness since early childhood when he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and later in life began a battle with hidradenitis suppurativa that he still faces daily. But in the face of adversity, Jackson has found strength and resilience. He is focused on his music ; song writing, performing, recording and producing . He really is a talent, and to quote Lionel Richie “ Hallelujah, he can sing!”

Jackson learned guitar to pass the time while he was bedbound due to HS. Music got him through the dark days, and he channels his energy into creating beautiful songs for us all to enjoy.

Jackson took part in an interview with me back in June 2020, which you can watch here. In his interview, he shared his experiences of HS, and what he has done to help keep his flares to a minimum. He tells me about how he manages the tougher days and shares some advice for anyone struggling with their HS.

Today I’m focusing on his music, because that is what we should be cheering Jackson on for. He is a brilliant musician, and I cannot wait to see his career develop. I just hope he remembers me when he is a superstar!!

Jackson has released 3 songs on Spotify and you can see his videos on YouTube too.

Girl Oh Goodness Why Released in 2019

I could have loved you – Released in December 2020

And my favourite – Miss Me Too – released in February 2019

Make sure to check out Jackson’s music on Spotify or online, and if you are lucky to live near Santa Barbara, make sure to check him out at a live gig!

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