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Ronnie is 30  years old and from Florida. His hidradenitis suppurativa breakouts began in 2015. But HS doesn’t get in the way of him living his life. He is passionate about djing, business and making the most of life.

Hidradenitis suppurativa breakouts commonly occur in the armpits, thighs, groin and buttocks. However, Ronnie like many others, experienced hidradenitis suppurativa breakouts on his head. He tells his story here.

Ronnie begins by telling us about his early symptoms.

I started experiencing symptoms about 5 years ago with small breakouts on my head. I didn’t think anything of it and was extremely rare for it to happen. About 3 years ago I started to experience extreme hidradenitis suppurativa breakouts on my head with intense inflammation and pain. I saw about 5 different doctors in regards to this situation. My 3 encounters with doctors was completely misdiagnosed and was still having major issues. My wounds became infected which really had me on high alert because I was feeling sick, feverish, with the combination of the pain and scaring on my head.

Ronnie hidradenitis suppurativa breakout head


More than skin deep

The physical and emotional rollercoaster was one of the hardest experiences I’ve encountered. I went to a Chinese medical doctor which didn’t help my direct flare up and infections however acupuncture did give me relaxation. I finally saw a dermatologist who knew my issue and gave me a free visit when I didn’t have insurance. I’m thankful that doctor saw me and told me I had H.S. He later moved to California and I was extremely disappointed. Since then I’ve acquired medical insurance and went to a doctor and I was able to tell them HS was my issue. I’ve been on antibiotics on and off when my flare ups happen.

Living with HS flares

Life during a flare up means having my head covered at all times. I treat my flare up with watching my food intake, fasting, meditation, yoga, and antibiotics. I have substantial amount of scaring on my head that leaves patches of missing hair. I have to keep my hair shaved low because when it grows it looks crazy. This has caused serious emotional trauma because as a dj I’m always in the public and it’s not cosmetically pleasing.

Ronnie hidradentis suppurativa head sacrs


Accepting HS

The most difficult thing was accepting this is my new reality, don’t be afraid of your scars, and deal with the physical pain as it comes. My advice to people struggling is get to know your body and what makes you flare up. Join support groups and find others dealing with your issue. Most importantly it takes time to fully mentally digest your current situation. It will be physically and emotionally tough but you can make your tragedy into a gift. Men should share their stories and connect with others with H.S. You never know who can relate and find comfort in your story


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