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Firstly, most people with hidradenitis suppurativa manage some element of their condition daily. Whether that’s lifestyle or wound care at home, we are certainly always working to keep ourselves safe and well. So, you can never have enough HS tips.

Secondly, everyone’s condition is different. So not every tip will work for you. However, this post should have something for everyone. From hidradenitis suppurativa home remedies to foods to avoid. Here are daily management of hidradenitis suppurativa tips anyone can try.

Managing sores

There are three main things to consider in hidradenitis suppurativa home care. Firstly, manage the discomfort. Pain is certainly a big part of HS. However, you don’t need to suffer. There are plenty of over the counter and topical pain relievers. So for more information, check out our post on HS products.

Secondly, keep them clean. Covering sores with dressings will help by preventing stuff from getting in. But the adhesive in traditional dressings can irritate the skin.

HidraWear know this and have come up with a solution. HidraWear’s dressings are adhesive-free, breathable and allow for comfortable movements. They are held in place with the HidraWear AX garment. Right now, the garment is only available for women. However, we will be changing that soon.


And thirdly, know when to seek help. We all become accustomed to caring for our wounds at home. But sometimes we need a little help. If you are concerned a sore isn’t healing or could be infected, contact your doctor immediately.

Inflammatory Care

managging hidradenitis suppurativa - inflamatory care

According to Healthline, inflammation is your body’s ways of fighting off threats. To you, it will look like swelling and redness. It may itch or feel sore. With HS, hair follicles get blocked and inflamed, and that’s how a flare-up happens.

Many people have their own hidradenitis suppurativa home remedies for inflammation. These might include essential oils like lavender. But another popular HS home remedy is applying a warm compress.

There are also ways of preventing inflammation, as well. Several things can irritate your body. Some products, like period products, deodorants or oils, can upset your skin. In other cases, it may be certain foods.

Healthy Eating

HIdradenitis suppurativa diet tips and tricks

There are two main benefits of healthy eating when living with HS. The first is managing triggers. Certain foods like dairy, brewers’ yeast and sugar have been linked to HS flare-ups. Other foods like red meat and gluten may also play a part.

If you think a food may be aggravating your hidradenitis suppurativa, they may be foods to avoid.
The second benefit is maintaining healthy body weight. Maintaining a healthy weight has been shown to reduce flare-ups. As well as help with friction.

Other benefits of healthy eating include:
• Aiding your body’s ability to heal
• Reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes type 2
• Improving your skin.

Of course, there is one caveat. Everyone is different. You may find that none of these foods trigger flare-ups. Or maybe all them do. Losing weight is not a cure-all. But some people may find it immensely helpful. While others see no change in their condition. It’s more about figuring out what works for you.


hidradenitis suppurativa stage 2 exercise

The effects of exercise certainly cannot be overstated. Not only does it release happy hormones, it also helps you maintain a healthy weight. As well as help you sleep better.

However, exercise with HS can be challenging. Your movements might be restricted because of flare-ups. Or you may feel fatigued. So the key thing about exercise is a little is better than none. And try to do an activity you like.

Furthermore, exercise is always easier if you bring a friend along. And also if you have defined goals. Also, it’s not cheating to make adjustments for where your body is today. Because that may change from day to day. Here are hidradenitis suppurativa friendly exercise ideas suitable for doing with a friend:
• Yoga
• Walking
• Dancing
• Pilates

Quitting Smoking

hidradenitis suppurativa and smoking

Firstly, research shows that more people with HS smoke than in the general population. So, smoking may worsen HS symptoms. As well as that smoking is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease (CVD). And also CVD is an associated condition of HS.

So, there’s plenty of reasons to quit smoking for your health. But how do you actually stick to it? Certainly, the best person to help you is your doctor. However, if you are procrastinating, talk to your local pharamcist.

It’s essential to recognise that giving up smoking certainly is difficult. Contrary to popular belief it’s not just about will power. So, you may need support in quitting. There’s certainly no shame in that. Like exercise, also bring a friend along for the ride.

Managing stress

Daily Management of hidradenitis suppurativa stress

Stress is certainly a significant trigger for HS. And while nobody’s life is ever stress-free, we can find ways to manage daily stress.

Routine can be very beneficial for our mental wellbeing. Firstly, having a specific time of day you go to bed and get up can help you structure your days. Secondly, if you work from home create a work routine separate from your home routine to keep your life balanced.

But that only helps prevent stress. What about when, despite your efforts, you are still overwhelmed? Finding little strategies like a walk or meditation can ease some of the pressure. Also make time for your hobbies. It doesn’t so much matter what you do so long as you enjoy it.


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Shannon hidradenitis suppurativa patient

Shannon Sweeney is a psychology and sociology student from Ireland. She is also living with HS and has a keen interest in lifestyle, wellbeing and hidradenitis suppurativa.

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