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Are you a Valentine’s enthusiast or a hallmark sceptic? I’m not sure there is another holiday we debate whether to celebrate. Valentine’s Day is no more commercial than Christmas or Halloween. But somehow, we forget that it is all in good fun.

And Fun might just be what you need when having a flare-up. Mainstream media never takes chronic illness into account on Valentines. This narrow media view makes most feel Valentine’s Day is only for certain people.

But the key is to keep it simple. Order takeout or watch a movie. Share a bouquet of chocolate flowers. Whatever it is, do it together.  I think there are plenty of reasons why Valentine’s Day is worth celebrating. So here are my top five.


Don’t worry, you’re not the only one! Feeling lonely or alone is common when you have HS. And this feeling can be amplified on Valentines day if you are single. But it’s been a long time since Valentine’s Day was just about couples. All the following applies to single people too. And if you are having a flare-up even more so.

You won’t be able to get together with friends in the usual sense, but you can still celebrate together. Get on Zoom with your best friend or a group of friends. Why not try an activity? Make something or even just catch up.

There are more kinds of love than romance. And Valentine’s Day is about having fun with the people you love.

Celebrate your Relationships

Commercial ideas of Valentine’s Day don’t often include chronic illness. But, for those of us with HS, this is reality.  And it’s not just HS. Work, kids, and other commitments keep us busy all year around.

We think of Christmas as the holiday to celebrate loved ones. And Valentines is more of a made-up holiday to sell stuff, right? Wrong! Valentines is different because it’s all about celebrating love – and the special people in your life.

Valentine’s Day is a way to celebrate your relationship with the person you love, romantically or not. The celebration doesn’t have to be anything fancy. The important thing is that you are together and having fun.


Sometimes when you feel unwell, a distraction can be just what you need. It can be easy to get caught up in what’s happening in your body. So, Valentine’s Day is something to look forward to. It’s something to plan. And hopefully to enjoy on the day.

A study in Psychological Science suggested that buying experiences makes us happier than buying goods. And the expectancy of an upcoming experience also makes us happy.  So, there is more joy in planning Valentine’s day than buying fancy gifts. Remember, this year, Valentine’s Day should be about feeling good rather than being perfect.

It’s a Break from Routine

We often get stuck in our routines. We go to our jobs or work in the home. We might watch TV in the evening. And every day tends to be the same pattern. That’s why the holidays are so great.

Holidays give us the chance to do something out of the ordinary. So, this Valentine’s Day, why not cook a meal together. Or take the time to look at old photos of the two of you. Make sure whatever you do together is different from your everyday activities.

It’s an Excuse to be Silly

The shops are currently full of red hearts and a dazzling array of cheesy gifts. And most made of chocolate.  Okay, so many of us no longer eat chocolate. Still, I can’t help but smile when I see them. Valentine’s Day is cheesy. From gifts to films, you aren’t supposed to take it seriously. This is the season to be silly.


Personally, after the ointments and dressings, fun is what I need when I have a flare-up.  Also, relationships in their many forms are vital to wellbeing. So, a day dedicated to you and your partner is a good thing.

So, there you have it five reasons to celebrate Valentine’s Day, flare-up or not. And if you need more ideas, HidraWear has the article for you here.

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