Why is dressing an armpit so hard? And How is HidraWear changing that? 

The armpit is one of the toughest places to dress and retain a dressing.

This is due to a combination of factors such as perspiration & moisture, body hair, curves, creases, sensitive skin, movement and, of course friction.

With all of this in play, it is little wonder that dressings quickly unravel, leak, fall off, restrict movement, pinch the skin, and cannot be easily adjusted if repositioning is needed, and to make it worse they cause pain or skin damage during when you try to take them off.

Regular adhesive dressings can cause irritation and skin damage.

Dressing an armpit can take a lot of time and even then the dressing often leaks or falls off. This can be very embarrassing.

Using a regular adhesive dressing can cause irritation and skin damage, especially when you’re changing them a lot.

Tapes can be fiddly to apply, and restrict your range of movement, and they still fall off.

Non-adhesive options like bandages and nets can be bulky & indiscreet, and sometimes you can’t wear your favourite clothes.

All of that is about to change

HidraWear has got you covered! It is specifically designed to help people living with hidradenitis suppurativa manage their daily wound care.

First let’s look at the HidraWear Garment:

HidraWear dressings

It is fully adjustable in 3 places, so you can adjust it to the most comfortable fit for you.

It has outward facing seams, and a super soft material.

It’s extremely breathable and wicks perspiration away from the skin too, helping you feel dry all day.

And the top strap can be removed for when you want to wear a V neck! So convenient.

Now let’s look at the HidraWear Dressings:

HidraWear dressings

They’re designed to fold easily with curves of the body.

And the best thing about them?

They are adhesive free, no more adhesive rash and sores.

HidraWear dressings are super absorbent, they pull moisture away from the skin and lock it inside the dressing.

And the special backing on the dressing reduces the risk of leaks.

They come in a pack of 60, to save you time on shopping, and money on shipping!

HidraWear is quick and easy to use, so you can get on with you day without dressings getting in the way!

Application oh-so-easy


Put on your garment

Put on your garment and close using the hook and eye fastener at the front of the garment.


Apply the dressing

Insert the dressing in place ensuring the smooth side of the dressing is facing the skin and the hexagon print is facing the garment.


Secure dressing in place

Use the external fastening element to secure your dressing in place. Don’t forget to tuck the tabs.

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Our founder Suzanne has been living with HS since childhood and knows all about armpit dressings and bandages.

After years of trial and error, she invented HidraWear, to help herself, but also to help others like her too.

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