Prescriber Information

HidraWear are now working with our USA based partner Rotech Healthcare to enable patients to get HidraWear baselayers & dressings delivered to their homes with the cost directly billed to their insurance plans.

HidraWear Coverage

Whilst all insurance policies are different, typically HidraWear will be available to patients on Commercial and Medicaid/Medicare plans who have wound-care covered within their plan.

The initial delivery will include both the baselayer and a month of dressing supplies (max CMS allowable is 30 dressings per wound per month), with subsequent dressings delivered each month thereafter.

Patients are also entitled to one unique baselayer per wound area through insurance, additional baselayers can be purchased as required through self-pay options.

Additionally, in instances where the patients policy does not cover HidraWear, the products can be purchased through self-pay here on


For support with prescribing or ordering, please contact Rotech Healthcare at 888-711-2014 or

How to Order

In the Prescribers Guide, you will see an order form, which is attached to the patient info sheet and should be completed and then faxed (866 220-8963) or emailed ( to Rotech.

The Prescribers Guide also includes a filled in example of the order form for additional info and FAQs to make it as easy as possible.

Download Guide

Rotech not in coverage?

HidraWear is also available through the following DME’s. Click on the link to access the order form.