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We all know that living with HS can knock you down. It can certainly make life difficult sometimes and it can be hard to stay motivated. But life can be good, despite HS. We contacted some fellow HS warriors to talk about HS and share some advice with us.

Shawn Kindle Talks about HS

Shawn just blew me away when I spoke to him. He has been battling several chronic illnesses for a long time and his experience with HS was gruelling to hear. He has overcome so much to achieve his career in business, and he is also completing a PhD at the moment. He is a shining example of how we can manage our disease and still get the most out of life. Here is what he has to say:


I think we can all relate to some of Shawn’s experiences and hopefully as we become braver and share our stories we will me more confident and willing to talk about HS. The reality is that a lot of us with HS continue to hide, and suffer in silence.

Certainly, Shawn’s experience of hiding his HS and even seeking medical help in the middle of the night, so his colleagues wouldn’t find out is something that happens all too often. If we are brave, and share our experiences, we can break the stigma and be proud HS warriors!

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