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Hope for HS is a USA based organisation providing essential information and support services for people with hidradenitis suppurativa. We firstly met Sandra and Angie from Hope for HS at the North American HS Symposium in Toronto in 2018. We were certainly blown away by their passion and drive to help people with HS. But when we learned more about them and the services they provide we were amazed. We knew we certainly wanted to support them.

Support Groups

Hope for HS provide essential support services, including face to face meet-ups. Meetings are in different areas across the USA from Atlanta to Miami. Each meeting is facilitated by a clinician, researcher or HS expert. They are a fantastic opportunity to meet other people with HS and share experiences. All people with HS are welcome to attend, as well as friends or family members.

HS Awareness

Patients and caregivers founded Hope for HS in 2013. Since then, they have worked tirelessly for change and to bring awareness of HS to the public and medical community. They run regular events and empower the HS community to get involved too.


The Hope for HS website is a wealth of knowledge so people looking to learn more about HS need look no further. They have lots of information about the disease and also about current research findings and clinical trials.

HidraWear Support


We are so excited and proud to support Sandra, Angie and the whole team in their efforts to improve the lives of people with HS. And so we are thrilled to announce that we will be donating $1(USD) for every HidraWear product sold to their cause. We hope that we will continue to support Hope for HS for the years to come and look forward to the future.


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