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I’ve had HS since I was a young teenager. Over the years, I have struggled. Firstly drainage and leaking were always challenging, on top of everything else that comes with it. I’ve seen my HS friends struggle too. And I’ve spoken to countless people about the issues they face trying to manage their wounds.

Knowing that there is no cure for HS, I set out to make life a bit easier for myself and others with HS. Creating HidraWear meant wound care would be less of a challenge. This journey began in 2013, but really got going in 2016. In 2018, I was joined by Conan, and soon after by Damien, and then Laura. Together, with help from other super people along the way we launched HidraWear in 2020.

As a small company, we have done a lot – but still have a lot more to do.

The HidraWear Team

The Hidrawear team

We are a team of 4, and we are dedicated to improving the standard of care for people with HS. Making HidraWear accessible to people with HS has always been our goal.

Last year, along with our research partners The Clinical Research Platform, we completed a clinical trial of HidraWear. The results were fantastic. HidraWear was shown to have a positive impact on quality of life. As well as being more comfortable to use than traditional dressings, HidraWear is quicker and easier to use and reduced dressing related pain. It also helped to improve body image and body confidence.

We have had fantastic feedback from people using HidraWear, and we have been working all year with different agencies and health services to make HidraWear more accessible to people with HS.

A Big Day at HidraWear HQ

So today is a big day for us. We are incredibly proud to announce that the Irish Health Service – The HSE, has accepted some of the HidraWear product range on to their reimbursement system, the PCRS. This means that people in Ireland with HS who have a medical card, or are on the Drug Payment Scheme are eligible to be prescribed or provided with HidraWear. The HidraWear Crop Top for underarm dressings, and the HidraWear Dressings are covered by this scheme. This is a huge step in the right direction for people with HS.

Hidrawear wound dressings application

How will it work?

If you have a Medical card or DPS card, you can speak to your GP. You will need to make an appointment and discuss your wound care needs with them. You can read more about the process here.

If you have medical card, your GP will examine you and if dressings are a requirement for you, your GP can order them for use.

If you are on the Drug Payment Scheme, your GP can give you a prescription which you can bring to your local pharmacy. They will order them in and dispense them to you.

We have sent information packs to GP surgeries nationwide, but if you would like us to send you an information pack to bring to your GP, you can contact us here. You can also contact us with any questions you might have about HidraWear.

Lots done, lots more to do

This is just the beginning for us – we are on a mission to improve wound care and wound management for people with HS all over the world. We are a small company, so it will take us time, but we are working on it. Every day we are getting one step closer to achieving our goal.