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Erin Martinez is a clinical social worker working in the mental health field and a AASECT certified sex therapist. She often works with individuals who have been diagnosed with HS in relation to changes in adapting their lifestyle, managing their relationships and managing any changes to their sexual or intimacy experiences.

Introduction & Chapter 1: Relationships

Meet Erin Martinez and learn about how she helps people dealing with a chronic illness. Specifically Hidradenitis Suppurativa. In the first video of this series, Erin talks about relationships and what level of connection human beings needs to survive.


Chapter 2: Body Map

The below video covers the topic of intimacy and living with HS. Erin shares some ways to explore it and strategies to help.


Chapter 3: Support

Erin talks us through how to open up to recieveing support, either in a new relationship or current relationship. Many loved ones of people living with HS express that they would like to offer support but often don’t know how too. The unfrotunate truth in many cases is that people living with a condition such as HS struggle to ask for help or support. We are taught to take care of our own stuff and as Erin says “no place could be more clearer than that with the overwhelming task of doctors appointments, self-care regimens and even recovery from surgery.” It can be hard to figure out where to accept support and how to make it comfortable. Erin shed mores light on this in the video below.


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