Pictures of Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Pictures of Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Early Signs

Clusters of blackheads

Clusters of Blackheads

Double headed blackheads

Double Headed Blackheads

Small lumps under the skin
Follicular occlusion

Small lumps under the skin, that burst and leave pitted skin or scars. These may be red, inflamed, painful.

Pictures of HS

Upper Body

HS commonly affects the armpits. It can also affect the breasts and chest, the back, the neck, scalp and the face.

Other Areas

Other areas commonly affected are the groin, buttocks, thighs, genitals and legs.

HS Flare

HS Flare beginning

Day 1-2

The skin becomes hot and red, sometimes it can be itchy and painful too. You might notice a lump, or a tender spot in the skin.

Day 3-4

The area can become very swollen and extremely painful. It might be difficult to move. Skin becomes red and hot to the touch, and the lesion may become very hard, or feel very soft and fluid filled.

Day 5-6

The whole are is very swollen and painful, and it is difficult to move and sleep. You may feel unwell and fatigued. Hopefully this will drain soon and give some relief from the pain. Timelines of a flare vary from person to person. If a flare becomes very painful, or you feel unwell or have a temperature, it’s a good idea to see a doctor for advice.

Day 7-10

The lesion hopefully will come to a head and start to drain. Sometimes it will drain all at once and clear up quickly, but sometimes they drain over days or weeks and are slower to heal.

Day 11-15

The draining might eventually slow down. The redness and selling goes down and the skin feels less painful.

Day 16

The skin may eventually return to normal, and be left with a scar. Sometimes tunnels form under the skin too which are difficult to heal and may require medical attention.

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