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“It is really important to me and the HidraMed Solutions team to make sure we are doing our part to raise awareness of Hidradenitis Suppurativa. More awareness will mean faster diagnoses and fast diagnosis is key to being able to manage the condition.”

Suzanne Moloney
CEO & Founder of HidraMed Solutions,
HS Patient and Advocate

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HidraWear is the world’s first and only Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) specific wound dressing system, intended for use by people with wounds in difficult to dress areas of the body, such as the armpit, buttocks & groin. The system is made up of two parts:

hidradenitis suppurativa self careBlogLiving with HSMental Health
1 Feb 2022

Free & Cheap Self-Care ideas

Let me guess you are sick of hearing about self-care? Every time you open Instagram, you see it used in an advertisement. As if the daily hustle and bustle can…
HS genetics kidsBlogFamily & TeensLiving with HS
17 Jan 2022

Will My Kids Have Hidradenitis Suppurativa?

As with everything Hidradenitis Suppurativa, this is not a simple answer. Genetics are complicated, and they are not a certainty. Just because you have a predisposition for something does not…
hidradenitis suppurativa flare-up signsBlogLiving with HS
20 Dec 2021

Five Signs you may be about to get a HS flare-up.

For some people, a Hidradenitis Suppurativa flare-up is sudden. But for others, there are signs. In medicine, these signs are called a prodrome. A prodrome is a set of signs…
HidraWear hidradenitis suppurativa wound care deliveryLiving with HS
13 Dec 2021

HidraWear Delivered to Your Door in The UK.

Have your HidraWear NHS prescription delivered direct to your door NHS prescriptions delivered to your door, for free.. Sound good ! Have you heard about our UK partner Daylong’s Home…
hidradenitis suppurativa drug payment schemeBlogLiving with HSNews And Media
7 Dec 2021

A Guide To Ireland’s Drug Payment Scheme

In Ireland, Hidradenitis Suppurativa patients can avail of various schemes aimed at easing the cost of medicines and wound dressings.  These government managed schemes include the Drug Payment Scheme (DPS),…
hidradenitis suppurtiva comorbidityBlog
18 Nov 2021

HS Comorbidities

Comorbidity is a word you will have heard about HS. But do you know what it means? Comorbidity is a medical term that means two or more conditions that occur…
hidradenitis suppurativa mental healthBlog
14 Oct 2021

Hidradenitis Suppurativa, Identity & Self-Labelling

When you are diagnosed with a chronic illness like HS, you may feel lots of emotions. You might feel relieved that you know what condition you have. Or sad for…
hidradenitis suppurativa stories and experiencesBlog
12 Oct 2021

A Guide to Writing Your Own HS Story

Many people share their stories to educate and inspire. As well as for catharsis. For me, it was all those things, but I also wanted to create a record of…
hidradenitis suppurativa and heatBlog
12 Sep 2021

Heat & HS: Managing HS Symptoms in the Summer

Summer can be an enjoyable time for a lot of people, but for those of us with Hidradenitis Suppurativa, it can come with a whole new set of problems. As…
Dermatologist holding a smartphoneBlog
30 Aug 2021

Visiting A Dermatologist For The First Time

  If you have HS, there probably have been moments when you didn’t even dare to talk about it with anyone. But as uncomfortable as the conversation may be, it…
hidradenitis suppurativa treatmentBlog
16 Aug 2021

Hidradenitis Suppurativa – Life on IV Antibiotics

The HS Flare Life is hard sometimes, isn’t it? My HS tends to be worse with stress, and I’ve had a bucket load lately, which I won’t go into. You…
hidradenitis suppurativa scarsBlogLiving with HS
9 Aug 2021

Embracing Your HS Beauty Scars.

At this point, there’s no denying it. Summer is in full swing for a lot of us. And for those of us with Hidradenitis Suppurativa, it can be an unwelcoming…