HidraWear Clinical Study

HidraWear’s Clinical Study won the Gold Award for Best Clinical Research at the 2023 Journal of Wound Care Awards.

Statistically significant improvements in patient quality of life, pain reduction and time saving.


experienced an improvement in quality of life*
* based on the DLQI scoring system


found quicker and easier to use than than traditional dressings


showed reduced or absence of dressing related pain (one patient did not experience pain)


felt more confident in terms of leak reduction

CE GAX 001

Detailed Metric Results

DLQI Score (1 to 30)Rated on an 11-point VAS, wherein a score of 0 was the best possible score and a score of 10 was the worst possible score.
MeasureQuality of Life Difficulty Dressing WoundsTime ConsumptionDressing ComfortDressing Related PainRetention and Leak ConfidenceBody Confidence
Traditional Wound Dressings (Day 0)
Using HidraWear (after 21 days of use)
Traditional Wound Dressings (Day 0)Using HidraWear (after 21 days of use)
DQLI Score:
Quality of Life 19.44.6
11 Point VAS:
Difficulty Dressing Wounds6.50.6
Time Consumption6.90.7
Dressing Comfort8.11
Dressing Related Pain5.50.8
Retention and Leak Confidence8.41.2
Body Confidence8.53.8

Of the participants who required pain relief in advance of a dressing change at baseline (n=5), none required pain relief in advance of a dressing change by day 21 of the trial using HidraWear.