Valentine’s day is around the corner…

Now before you roll your eyes and start giving out that valentines day is just another commercialised holiday give us a chance and hear us out.

At its core, valentine’s day celebrates love. 

It doesn’t have to be romantic love. It can be a friendship or the love between family members or even the love between you and your dog (the purest kind of love in our opinion). Either way, we believe it is something worth celebrating. If you are a hopeless romantic like the HidraWear team are and agree that love should be celebrated, then we salute you.

This valentines day we have got your back. HidraWear has a whole list of benefits that will help stop your HS from killing your mood. We have even searched the internet and chosen some outfit choices that you could wear HidraWear under and no one would ever know. And better yet, the majority of them are under €50.

HidraWear Benefits

  • Highly absorbent dressings – Your outfit won’t be getting destroyed on our watch
  • Discreet garment – HidraWear is made of really soft material and with the right outfit, it will go unnoticed
  • It’s quick – HidraWear makes changing dressings super fast and easy. Check out this video to see how it can be done in under 30 seconds
  • No adhesive – HidraWear is adhesive-free which makes it kind to your skin


Outfit Ideas

Below are some valentine’s day outfit ideas that you can wear HidraWear AX under undetected.




Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.