We all know how painful HS and how exhausting living with HS can be. Some days it just is not possible to leave the house and you might find yourself wondering what to do for the day.

Sometimes living with a chronic illness like Hidradenitis Suppurativa can have a massive impact on your life. It may have impacted your ability to finish your education or added a bump in the road in regard to your career. This is bound to get anyone down. But if you feel you have come out the other side and are now ready to take on a new challenge, here are a few ideas (that you can do from the comfort of your own home) to get you on the right track.

Online Courses

There are hundreds of online courses from all different universities and colleges to choose from. Below, are some fantastic and FREE online learning providers, where you can upskill, learn a new subject and in some cases get accredited certification for completing the courses.

Biology & Health and Medicine

The Khan Academy offers loads of free courses from highschool biology right through to Health and Medicine.


Maybe you love stargazing and always wanted to know more about the planets and the universe? Look no further! Here is a course on cosmology and astronomy.

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Do you want to learn some new computer and IT skills, that could possibly help you advance in your career, or even work from home? Here you go Computing course.

Considering going back to college?

If you are thinking about going back to college, Khan Academy offers lots of information to help make that as easy as possible.

Other options

There are so many wonderful opportunities to improve and learn online. Future Learn offers a mix of free and paid courses ranging from Business and Management, Creative Arts and Media to Law and Literature!

Alison.com also provides free online courses with subjects ranging from Humanities, Health and Technology. They are worth checking out.

Whatever your interests, there will be a course for you. A couple of hours of focus and effort a day is all it takes. Self-empowerment and improvement are important to maintaining good mental health. You will feel proud of yourself for challenging yourself and completing a course, and who knows what opportunities may arise from you upskilling or learning a new subject. It is there for the taking!

Having HS is not a death sentence. We can continue to learn and grow as people, explore new interests and hobbies, and challenge ourselves in new ways. We would love to hear from you if you complete any of the online courses, or if you find any other opportunities in your locality that you would like to share.